Friday, December 28, 2012

Customer Feedback on Solemnization Makeup, Unedited, Non Sponsored...just pure honesty

Here is another testimonial from Atiza, for her solemnization makeup..... Thank you again Atiza for your kind gesture in writing in to me. I appreciate it a lot.

Note: Client testimonial is not edited nor sponsored in any ways. Nor are the pictures

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Testimonial 2:

For my solemnization, I asked for a very natural and sweet look. I love the fact that Kak Lin make my face glowing. I used to have an uneven skin tone, but with the make up, the tone is spread well. My face was sweating perhaps because I was nervous and that makes my make up especially on the nose area to worn off. Quickly I told Kak Lin about it and she re touch up my make up. And the make up lasted till evening. On the day itself, I didn't know how to have my tudung styled. I showed Kak Lin that I only have a plain white shawl, white awning and a veil. She did her magic and voila! My tudung styling is perfect just the way I imagine it should be.

PS: Kak lin, if u spot grammar error u can edit.hehe. or if its too long u can rephrase it shorter. I dont mind =)
The pictures also u can edit. Not necessarily to use all photos btw. You can use all or a few.

Thank you Kak Lin

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