Monday, June 27, 2011

Eye make up technique , depends on your eye shape (with chart)

Knowing your eye type plays a crucial step towards eye makeup that brings out the best of your features. A typical makeup style may look nice generally on most type of eyes, but maybe not on certain eye type. It may even emphasize the worst.... So, look into your eyes... know your eye type. Then only, we will know what type of eyeshadow to use, glitter or matte? Dark or light colors? Heavy socket or light inner highlights?
The eye make up technique you've been using since 1980's may not be suitable 30 years later.... not because of trend, but because your eye shape has changed.....

 Here's some chart I found from google... The above identifies some of the general eye type... whilst the below shows you where the eyeshadow placement should be.... Do experiment on your self... The best thing to do is always practice....

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