Saturday, June 11, 2011

Touch Up & Beauty Is Yours

Firstly, I would like to thank Liana for hiring me to do her make up twice within 2 weeks. She is absolutely sweet, soft spoken and I really enjoyed working with her. She has lovely skin and feature except one minor blemish and bluish under eye bags. So, I used Kryolan TV Stick corrector in #508 which is a salmon/oren colored corrector, layered it with Dermacolor concealer and lastly finish it with a FS36 all over her skin. Add a lil pink and lavender eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner and tiny falsies bits at the outer corner of her eyes. Isn't she gorgeous as a model!



  1. Hey is the fs36 tv stick really dark? Im like a nc42 in mac :)

  2. Hi. No, I wud say fs 36 is medium Tan...
    Kind like nc42 . ;)