Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bride2be TIPS & FAQ (What should you expect/prepare ahead before actual bridal makeup session)

TIPS & FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

I decided to prepare these guidelines for those bride2be and my dear clients to help them better understand what to expect and plan their schedule better. Sometimes we may overlook these possibilities, considering wedding day can be quite hectic. I will update as we go along and discover new things together. ;)

1. Makeup Duration ?
Maximum is complete uninterrupted (preferably) 2 hours.
Does not include hairstyling or helping out to put on hijab, crown, accessories.
Kindly buffer in 1/2 hours for these other preparations for you to plan your time

2. What do I need to prepare?
- Firstly, it would be very helpful if the bride to be is already standby ready for makeup when the MUA (makeup  artist) arrives. Time is very crucial in makeup, rushing in panic is never good for anything. 
So, be on time ya.

- Kindly have some light meal or refreshment before makeup session to avoid fatigue and God forbids, fainting on your wedding day.

- Being comfortable during makeup session is also very important. Prepare ahead a good chair with comfy pillow to support your neck during makeup.

- Good lighting, natural lighting preferably. Facing the windows or anywhere with good lighting. Yellow lighting not advisable. Working under poor lighting or dark room can be quite challenging, and may result horribly.

- Make sure your face is clean and free of moisturizers as I will applying serum first. 

- You can wear your bridal attire as I provide plastic cover during makeup to avoid spillage or accidental staining. Else, you can wear front button shirt over the bridal attire for easy removal.

- It will be good to have a private, quiet room(air-conditioned would be a plus) to do your makeup. Focus is also important, having guest in and out can be distracting sometimes. I do not stop client from greeting their guest coming to see them getting ready, but do understand... we are on a tight 2 hour time frame.

- I overheard this mak andam said, that her pantang is for a bride to see the mirror before she completes the makeup. Her reason may be, that when you are not use to being made up... it can be quite apprehensive to see all these products being pasted on your face. You tend to feel the make up is to thick/tebal... but sometimes, it takes 20minutes for makeup to set in and blend with your skin. Upon the first few minutes of application, foundation especially.. it may seem too fair, too pale.. too mask like.... Dun worry, it'll settle down and look more naturally as time goes. So, my advise is just relax....


1. Have regular facials done earlier as 1-2 month ahead. Makeup can cover scars, but it cannot mask bumpy pimple appearance. Do not do facials a day before, the extraction process by beautician can leave inflammation for few days.

2. It is much better to have your brows and facial hair removed few days before wedding day. Threading or waxing is much better options that tweezing or shaving on your wedding day. WHY? Because the regrowth is much faster and the new stubble can be itchy and thicker looking. Tweezing may also result in inflammation.

3. Makeup makes you look good, but the truth is, still it is still pore clogging. Therefore, make sure you double cleanse after the wedding. Normal facial wash will not do, as makeup use are waterproof. Your makeup needs to be remove properly with a makeup remover. Do invest in a good one. Else, you will get post wedding acne/pimple.

4. Do come by for trial makeup. This is the time for you to discuss about what you like/want for your makeup to be. I like to know what bride2be wedding attire color will be, their hand bouquet colors ahead so I can plan and xperiment earlier. We can try out few looks to see what suits you.

5. Email pics of makeup you like to me. At least I have an idea of what you like visually. I believe it is important to have makeup that makes you look good and feel good. So, share with me your thoughts. No worries. I am open for discussion..;)

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