Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Smashbox Eyeshadow X-Periment - Pink & Purple

The new smashbox eyeshadow pallate are not bad at all!
For RM200 it is worth it! The payoff color deposit are intense.... photographs well too. Here is some pics which I tried pink+brown red tones on one eye, while purple+blue on the other eye. I tried different eyeshadow application technique too.... which one do you like?

Foundation use is a tone lighter than my skin, FS38 kryolan... so that the soft colors will show up better. I am using falsies here, however these are not my favorite type(plastic). I prefer handmade thread or feather falsies rather then the plastic ones. They look much more natural & feels more comfy too. But, yeah.. if you need more impact, just mix these two....
Lipstick is MAC Angel + Gloss from STAGE

Socket technique, with reddish brown blended
with golden pink

Smokeout blend with purple and muted blue

A better view of the different color and style

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  1. purple lawa :D tapi aku suke je dedua..my fav color