Sunday, July 10, 2011

Makeup for mature woman

Here is Lisa from Shah Alam. Looking at her picture, can you believe she is almost 50 years old? I think she looks amazing for a 47 year old lady... I asked what's her beauty secret; she uses custom beauty product from a local doctor. Lupa nama doc tu pulak. So, Lisa here doesn't use makeup on daily basis (she does NOT need it anyways)...& she didn't like heavy eyemakeup (takot jadi mata burung hantu katanya) so for her dinner, I decided not to give her a typical dark dinner drama eyeshadow, it is always important to be comfortable with your makeup. You don't want the makeup to wear down your confidence.

So, for Lisa... i gave her soft ochre and brown tone from MAC colors (not evident in these photos, as the camera flash beached out the colors). but I can assure you her eyes looks naturally gorgeous in real life. Even out her skin tanned tone with FS36 foundation... camouflage her undereye crease and dark circle with concealers and highlight pen from LANCOME...  

Can you guess that she is 47 years old? She is HOT!! I wish i can look as good as her when i'm 47...

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  1. Wow...she looks so young, like 25years something, amazing!