Friday, March 15, 2019

Lipstick Talk. A new persona for every colors AND my MUST HAVE LIPSTICK COLLECTION LIST.


Lipstick heaven in M. A. C Midvalley

Kalau sesetengah lelaki, kena buh rokok kat bibir baru rasa macho, maka I feel womanly when I put a lipstick on. Some people wear same color every day. But, for me.. I just can't have only 1 or 2 colors. 

If I could, I'd like to have 365 different lipstick for each day!

NUTS right?

But, I just love swiping colors on my lips, or hands pon boley lah. 

It's therapy in a tube that I can afford, many times in a day. No appointment required too. Best kan? 

On a day I need to summon some serious woman power, I'd wear NARS lipstick in Cruela.. Or MAC legendary Russian Red or Ruby Woo. Rasa mcm a secret agent ready to take on any problems, bring it ON mode you know. Like entering final stage in a game for the 39th time, f*** it, you ain't aiming for a replay anymore! 😄

M. A. C in Diva

These red tones color are TRUE reds without apologies. So, I must say you need some heart and attitude to wear 'em. 

Else be prepared to look like you stole your mom's lipstick or worst.. WHORISH. Don't say I didn't warn you. 

Then some day, I feel romantic and just girly... I take out my Estee Lauder Liquid Lipstick in Not So Innocent, or M. A. C in Twig, Mehr or Please Me

M. A. C in Twig

Then on a day I want my hubby to buy me new clothes or other unnecessary home items, I'd overline my lips with M. A. C lip liner in Whirl then fill it in with 

M. A. C Lipstick in :


Shy Girl


Kinda Sexy 

And the MUST is to drenched your suckers WET with ONLY Dior or Chanel lipgloss. It is expensive, and looks expensive too. 

Yes, gets him buying expensive too. 😄

My love with lipgloss is undeniable sbb of my naturally thin lips, the wet effect gives it a sexier look. Tak suka gloss pon, at least prime your lips dengan lip balm supaya bibir kekal hydrated Dan sihat. Sekurang2 ada barrier against chemical dlm lipstick tu. 

M.A.C in Shy Girl

M. A. C in Boca

So what about any other lazybum day, but I don't wanna look like one?

Ahhhh...I'd recommend M. A. C lipstick in Boca but the problem is, it's LE. Bummer right, but fret not because NARS Audacious lipstick in Barbara is a good dupe. 

How about if you're depressed and feeling down day? 

Fear not, pick yourself up with these energy giving colors like MAC lipstick in Flat Out Fabulous. It is a seriously attention grabbing bright Fuschia that is sure to stomp those negative vibe away. It is very matte, jadi tepek lip balm sikit kalau bibiaq kering. Nothing uglier than chapped flaky lips bergelumang with colors. 

M. A. C in Flat Out Fabulous

Another color is M. A. C in Morange or Barbeque (LE though) and as the name implies, it is no nonsense Orange color. Still wearable though, jangan takot. 


So that's the story of warna lipstick MUST HAVE saya. MAC has the best diversified colors, although Estee and Bobbi Brown juga my favourite. Some people swear by Yves Saint Laurent but kami tak try lagi lah, tgk warna bright pink retro kami segan sikit. So what's your favourite lipstick? Habaq mai kami pon nak try juga. 

Friday, March 1, 2019

Finding the right foundation is like finding boyfriend!

Finding the right foundation is like finding boyfriend! Ini kisah benar.. 

Gotta go thru some crummy mistake, then you know which quality is important and is a gem to keep forever 😂. 

But let me save you the heartache and money lah..OK. 

Here some simple guidelines of dating. Oh, I mean finding THE right foundation :

  1. Alway Bring A Friend, or two. Becoz 3 ain't a crowd, they're TIE breaker! Bring a critical one, not the one that'll agree what other people say. They'll be the judge whether you look great or dead like a zombie in that foundation. Sales Assistant or SA is like Russian roulette, unpredictable. Sometimes u get good ones and sometimes they're as clueless as you are. 
  2. Try it on you FACE. KO bukan nak pakai kat tangan kan. Wear few color tone on your face so you can see comparable difference. 
  3. Do NOT HAPPILY buy immediately. You know some guys look nice and perfect 1 impression then turn out crap douchebag after a while because personality clash. So, foundation tends to act the same. Mula ja nampak baik. Then ko jadi kelabu la, minyak la, ilang terus pin ada. So give it time, walk around 1 hour to see how they really react on your skin. Get samples pon OK. Tell the SA don't be stingy, nnt allergy REACTION lepas beli..I SUE YOU. TQ. 
  4. Lighting. Don't date in the dark, nnt setan teman bisik jahat. Foundation pon sama, lighting malap kuning counter tu is designed to make everything looks flawless. Jangan percaya. Go out and find the truth in natural light. Don't be afraid.

Welcome 2019, long live natural makeup 😜

It has been a LONG TIME that I've updated this blog. Rest assured I'm still active doing makeup for those who are searching for someone that does natural makeup that tailors suits your event, personality too.

So here's a sample where we suit the makeup to the client. Sweet and demure, or classic or something glamorous. 


Saturday, December 24, 2016

Welcome to Lin Elier, Natural Wedding & Bridal Makeup Artist in KL, Damansara and Shah Alam

Assalamualaikum & Good Day my lovely readers....

Welcome to my online portfolio for make up services.
Natural Beauty Make Up With Elier offers you professional make up artist services for weddings, dinner event or personal make over with consultation to ensure your beauty is not only for one day make up but to look your best everyday with simple techniques/advises/tips that you can apply at home too, using high end cosmetics brands such as Estee Lauder, Chanel, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Shu Eumura, Guerlain, Smashbox, INGLOT and Kryolan.

We offer makeup artist coverage in Kuala Lumpur, Damansara and Shah Alam.

My aim is always to bring out your inner beauty... you'll look like your good self, only better. Anda tidak perlu risau tentang make up terlalu tebal seperti diandam untuk perform opera cina, sebab tiada siapa sukakan make up tebal 40 inchi hingga bakal suami pon tak kenal....My make up will look beautifully natural but it is also good enough for photography... so kiranya tidak perlu risau dengan masalah 'cantik dlm gamba ajer, tgk berdepan mcm tepong gomak'! Natural, light wedding makeup for those who prefers looking good naturally!

Please click LIKE on our FACEBOOK PAGE, stay tune for special promotions and contest for FREE MAKEOVERS!


Visit INSTAGRAM @lin_elier for LATEST WORKS
Click ABOVE for sample photos of my work, most light natural wedding makeup, natural nikah makeup, light glowy bridal makeup, makeup for mother of bride and bridesmaid, natural dinner makeup.
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TIPS & WHAT TO EXPECT<--Tips and advices for brides to be, what to expect before your wedding makeup, what to do or plan months before your big day and what NOT to do before your wedding day, BIG NO-NO!
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Lin Elier Client Review
Lin elier Makeup Review

I encourage customer to bring photos of mak e up or celebrity they want to look like, so that we'll have an idea how you wan to look like. My mission is to make U look GOOD. Jadi, we will make u up until u are satisfied. I also offer alternatives for those who do not like wearing fake lashes. Read on further on my post on fiber mascara.

For future brides that is still looking for simple, natural wedding makeup on your big day, please contact us.

Thank you for dropping by & I hope you'll have a great time working with us. I can be easily contacted via facebook. Check out my FB page ya.

Lin Elier

IMPORTANT NOTE: Simple hairstyling is now offered by Lin Elier  

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hi and Salam from Lin Elier

It has been quite a loonggggg while since I last updated this blog, my apologies for those who finds the content rather outdated and berabok dah....

However good news I still do wedding makeup and special function makeup too! Do visit my FB page or instagram for more current work in 2016-2015.


For enquiries, drop me an email at

I still love doing natural wedding makeup look, natural beauty is always the best.... If you are still looking for someone who loves natural bridal makeup, please do not hesitate to contact me.

thank you,
Lin Elier

Malaysian Makeup Artist

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kisyanda Reception Makeup by Lin Elier

Thanks so much Kisyanda for hiring me for the 2nd time! And teaching me how to make a good pancake!

She requested blue eyeshadows for her reception. So, i rarely get to use blue eyeshadows... but i didn't want her to look too radical, so i mixed midnight blue n deep brown n black to make it more wearable N natural too. Her brows untrimmed.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Aifaa Gombak NIkah & Reception Makeup

Thanks to Aifaa, for hiring me to do your nikah n reception makeup. As Aifaa, isn't used to a lot of makeup, we kept the eyeworks simple, brow untrimmed au naturelle and lips soft.

I wish you and hubby everlasting happiness hingga ke anak cucu.