Thursday, April 28, 2011

Make Up Tips - Contour And Shade Your Face

I'm am sure my of us admire the sculpted features of models in magazines especially the ones that appear like they're not wearing makeup... yet, their feature looks very pronounced and sharp. Look at Estee Lauder's front page advertisements, Liz Hurley, Rhonda....Karen ...

Reality is... these model's face has been heavily contoured with magic of make up.... under harsh camera flash and external lighting... their faces appears flawlessly defined and with razor cut sharp feature. These type of make up enhancements is really nice in pictures, TV, stage and runways.... but it is not very suitable for hari hari make up.... But you can cheat, and have lighter  effect with the use of bronzer and highlighter.... it is juz about knowing where to place the contour.... and the right products.

Leave the dark shading foundation for wedding or those special occasions.

Here is the contour chart I've found on the internet you can use as a guide. Do take note, if you already have mega cheekbones... then shading your under cheekbones will only make you look even gaunt... so, pandai2 agak kesesuaian with your own face. I find most Asians do not have pronounced feature especially the nose and cheekbones, hence this technique below is generally suitable for us.

The white shade is the highlighter. You can use lighter shade of powder, foundation or light reflecting powder especially made for highlighting from MAC or Bodyshop and others too. Do find the ones that has the finest shimmer effect or matte, so that we'd look natural. Bigger sized glitter or shimmer may result in a 'party' look.

As for the dark brown shade is the contour or shading suppose to be. You can use 1-2 tone darker shade of foundation or powder, use darker shade of neutral color blusher or bronzer. A matte effect will give a better sculpted look. and evident instant cheekbone lift!

The placement of each shade and highlight is suppose to play with the light reflections on your feature to your benefit. As an example, put darker shading tones on your neck, under the chin to hide double chin and give you instant kurus look. Putting highlight on you chin will give you instant  ala Ziela jalil dagu runcing look. tak payah go inject Botox or filler or implants.

So, the next time you gawk and wonder how these people have such perfect features.... don't... it is just magic of make up and a photo editing.... even me and YOU can do it.


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