Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wei See Tea ceremony & Wedding Reception at Concorde KL

A natural look is never an easy thing to do.....
It takes the right tools, mostly expensive ones... :-(
A whole lot of moisturizing goodies....
A lot of blending and blending the product into the skin...

And time.

A healthy glow has to come from within, so to naturally 'fake it' you have to balance the shimmer and have judgement on the lighting conditions too.

Wei See has been a very understanding client, and it was a pleasure to work with her and her lovely family too. Wei See appreciates natural beauty and loves a 'clean' look.

However, having a dry skin can be a challenge to put on makeup. The product seems to seep into every nook and cranny of the skin, emphasizing wrinkles.  Therefore, moisturing seem to be the key of making sure the makeup look naturally fresh. And of course, the right product too.

The tricky part i find the hardest was, covering imperfections whilst keeping less product used.

Hence, here is my best. Enjoy the photos.

Tea Ceremony Fair maiden Look
Me & Wei See

A romantic shot, bride in veil

Beautiful bride and her lovely family. Credit to Ismarina Ismail for lending her makeup skill for the sister of bride and mother of bride
Me, Wei See & Ismarina

Wei See natural fair maiden look is achieve with a whole lot of moisturizing, Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Series, a hydration ampoule from Paris, M.A.C Charged Water misting spray. 
Blemishes is covered using Dermacolor, foundation is from KOSE, eyeshadow is from Urban Decay, Lipstick from SEPHORA, blusher from Estee Lauder , MAC. Shimmer from Laura Mercier and MAC. 

NO EYELINER is used in this makeup at all!

Subtle nose contouring technique is used to ensure Wei See looks absolutely natural.

Her fake lashes has been hand cut, to make sure the 'lentik' or curve isnt too showing, a tip shared by Wei See. 
Love the brides dress!

Isma and her glam goddess
Special thanks to Ismarina Ismail for lending her magical touch to sister of bride and mom of bride too. Appreciate it a lot babe!

And thanks to Kak Rose JR, for giving advice and guidance too. Thanks so much to you!

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