Friday, December 28, 2012

Customer Testimonial yang bikin Lin very happy I decide to become a makeup artist

To be a small part of the hapiest day in awoman's life... .... is an unforgettable feeling

To see a client feels and looks so happy on their wedding day............ is utmost satisfaction

BUT, for a customer to tell you how much they relly love the makeup and how they feel like a real princess on their wedding day.........


NOTE: This is absolutely unedited email from my client today, purely written from the heart and soul.
Client testimonial is NOT sponsored in ANY ways.

Tieto Clan
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1:28 PM (4 hours ago)
to Stylelier
Hai Kak Lin,

I attached you some pictures, u can use any of it or all of it pun i dont mind. You nak edit2 sikit pun i dont mind.
hehe. FYI, all this pictures unedited tau. so my glam look is purely from ur make up and of course this was taken from DSLR camera.hehe :)

Here's my testimonial:

I met Kak Lin only once to discuss about the make up. She is very professional because she took into account what type of make up that I like, what colour will suit my dress, my type of skin, any allergies and she also pointed out some useful advice. Not to mention she is soft spoken and very comfortable to be with.I received quite a lot of compliment from the guests saying that my make up suited me well which makes me look glamorous yet still maintain to look natural. With the make up, honestly I'd say, I do feel so majestic. Yes, majestic. Like a real queen.

I have a sweaty face, which means make up would usually worn off after a few hours. But to my surprise, Kak Lin's make up can last longer than 5 hours. This is because Kak Lin had studied my skin type before she applied the make up. Just look at my photoshoot photos which was taken after the reception around 4-6pm. The glow is still there.

On another note, I do believe that good look starts with a good skin. Make up is only for enhancement. Therefore, for a good and quality make up makeover, Kak Lin is the best. Thank you Kak Lin for making me a Queen for the day!

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