Wednesday, December 14, 2011

M.A.C Warehouse SALE! Items up to 70%

If I didn't went on a shopping spree with MAC last week, I think I would have bought everything they had to offer!

The warehouse sale was held in Cititel, MidValley... strictly by invitation only. And I was priveleged enuff to be invited.....

Imagine I spent less than RM300 to get 2 special eyeshadows (rare gem series), 2 quad (4 color) eyeshadows, 1 cream bounce eyeshadow, 3 lipgloss.
That is 8 items altogether..... actual worth over RM700++!!
Taken with camera flash

Semi Precious Series Eyeshadows
Apparently, they do it twice a year sahaja.... Takpa, next year aku bawak RM500++ pon boley borong sakan dah..... Seriously, when M.A.C does sale, it is really damn worth it.

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