Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Maybank Annual Dinner, Retro Night in SDCC

I sure had fun working with the team during the Maybank Annual Dinner, Retro Night in SDCC recently. The dinner theme was Retro Night, which means crazy colorful era of the 70's and 80's.... you know clashing colors, shocking pinks and purples... etc.... a lot of people would shy away from these type of makeup.
BUT, I had sporting clients who was willing to have fun, for a night. Nonetheless, I gave them a wearable retro makeup that is fun but still within the natural line... as per their request.

So, here is my first client.... she wanted a total makeover. She told me her outfit was going to be green kaftan, with black turban'esque hijab. Straightaway I chose the LANCOME emerald eyeshadow pallette series for her. At first she was surprised at the first look.... but after wearing the complete outfit.... she was smiling away happily & CONFIDENTLY all night. Green eyeshadow can be a bit overpowering, so keep a light hand when applying the colors, leave the rest of the face neutral. Peach lipstick is also from LANCOME.

This cute lady was performing a Sheila Majid song for Maybank's Retro Night Dinner.... She requested for smokey look.... I combined her request with a bit of retro twist with blue fleck lipgloss from M.A.C Lipglass and bluish black smokey eyeshadow. It looks amazing on her (though it is not evident in the photos).

THe lovely glow on her cheeks is thanks to M.A.C Strobe cream and Estee Lauder's shimmer blush. It gave her a sophisticated lift and healthy glow. Hairstyling is courtesy of ZAVINCE Bridal.

We had 3 customer each, and very limited time. We had to travel 2 places (Jln Pudu, Hartamas) to meet customer's request. We took about 20-30 minutes only per client. As they booked in group of 9 pax, a very special rate was given.