Monday, December 19, 2011

M.A.C Semi Precious - Blue Sheen (Smokey Look for photoshoot)

credit: swatches from Temptalia
I was itching whole week to test out the recent makeup haul from the recent M.A.C Warehouse SALE held in Cititel Midvalley. I rarely am attracted to crazy, dark colors but this Semi Precious collection (Limited Edition) proves that 1st look can be deceiving. I mean, looking at the eyeshadow itself in its container... the color looks very psychedelic... crazy bluezey.... but the swatches as you can see below, is actually not bad. I recommend it for print photography, as the multitude of color blend in the eyeshadow, makes the outcome quite lovely. I didn't match or blend the eyeshadow with other colors as I wanted to see the pure color outcome. In real life, you may need other contrasting color or color base to make it pop.... but in photo.... the blue sheen really came out.

The next makeover project is gonna be using the other Semi Precious collection named, Rare Find.... a lovely pink sheen... Stay tuned...


  1. Tak la, ini mmg murah tahap psycho dah... Bayangkan harga ori dia RM80++ kot, then masa Warehouse sale, dia jual lambak TIGA items RM50-RM75 ajer! Macam lipgloss dia jatuh harga giler RM45 for 3 piece (RM15 ajer per unit).....