Friday, January 13, 2012

Dinner Make Up - Elegance Emma

This is Emma from Kota Damansara. It was a pleasure meeting her as she was very friendly, thank you so much for hiring me ya. Seronok berborak dgn you pasai citer kerja.

Her company's dinner theme was - Elegance.....  

So, Emma prefers natural makeup and light shading. For this eye makeup, the base is a mixture of dark blue (MAC) and soft purple (SmashBox).  My camera's flash came out too terang, bleaching out the eyeshadow color & making her skin looks pale. In real life, her eyes looks more smokier.

Her natural eyebrows was lighten to enhance her eye makeup, using MAC brow gel code Beguilled. This photo was taken before I applied the lipgloss. Color use here is MAC + Revlon. Eyelash by her own, Lin tolong pasangkan. By the way, if you guys beli eyelash yang quality elok, and would like to re-use it, do try out eyelash glue by Koji, Fix in black. The glue is dries to a latex texture, so you can easily peel it off without damaging the eyelash's strand. You can buy it online, try google supermodelsecret. A local online beauty shop.

I don't have her complete pic after accessoring with loop earing and necklace. Sayang...tak sempat dah lambat, she was rushing to KL for the dinner.

"she looks hot!"...  according to my hubby yang pick me up sempat tengok Emma ni dulu... (ehh, jeles ni!)

Can you guess her age correctly?


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