Saturday, July 23, 2011

Aida Reception, Gombak (2nd Session)

Last week I did her solemnization makeup, today here's Aida looking regal and sweet on her family's side reception in Gombak. We also did the same theme which is neutral brown tones, and slightly tan foundation from Bobbi Brown, as per Aida's request. I also remembered that she prefers softer looking brows, hence today I used a softer shade of brown. She looks absolutely pretty although with simple makeup. I didn't manage to pujuk her to try out the falsies.... hopefully the next session I can. hahaha!


  1. dh dkt dgn umah liza npe xsinggah..huh majuk..

  2. Ya allah Liza... Lin dok pikiaq dah, nak lepak sapa breakfast area ni... tak biasa kan, sat gi sesat.. haru.... terlupa boleh cari awak! hehehe!