Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why do we prefer natural makeup?

I chose to do my own makeup on my engagement & wedding day. .. simple jer.

own trial makeup, endurance test, photo test
Lucky for me it turned out alright... in my opinion, at least.... hahaha... but that is me, I am a firm believer in looking naturally beautiful on your wedding day. Some may say it looks too light (whilst am sure some may say, tebalnyer) but for me, I would like to look in the mirror and see myself still, but just better than usual....and not looking and wondering why do I look like another person, on my wedding day. Or worst fear of all brides, tonnes of non too appealing  makeup on YOUR wedding day... thinking, hell...I look better on normal days (crying silently in your heart)

I wanted to hire a proper MUA, however the ones I wanted was expensive... whilst the more budget friendly... was not my cup of tea. So, instead of spending RM400 on a MUA, I spent it on buying high end cosmetics and decided to do my own wedding makeup. Aside from the falsies lifting off during night time.. i was very happy.  I spent time doing trial on myself, taking photos making sure the powder & foundation is even and isn't too fair, the shading isn't too obvious, the eye shadows isn't too heavy and dark....

Until today, it makes me very happy hearing people compliment the bride looking pretty and 'berseri2' herself instead hearing people say to the bride "Ehh, makeup ko cantek la!" ...
Bcoz to me then latter... its like saying you're ugly on normal days, but today cantek ONLY bcoz of ur makeup. 
Whilst the former sound to me like, "Hey, YOU look exceptionally great today!" 

Makeup to me, is suppose to bring out the best in you... amplifying your strength, whilst camouflaging your flaws..... not about turning yourself into a totally gorgeous person that don't even look like you anymore. It may be a question of preference or taste... but to me, seems like paperdollish/dragqueenish bridal makeup is in trend nowdays. People seem to notice the makeup more than the bride herself...  from miles away(exaggerating sakan)! I hear a good mak andam or a good makeup will change a bride's face.... literally... you know the saying, 'muka berubah' ... 
Well, I'm not sure about that, though I believe in naikkan 'seri' with giving bride2be even warm foundation, glowing cheeks and fresh, sultry eyes & MOST IMPORTANTLY... a good base that starts with a good reputable serum & mineral charged moisturizer. Sirih or jampi tak reti, but I do start my work with simple 'bismillah' and pray to Allah for the best.

I like heavy, dark smokey makeup sometimes... but only when I go out for parties.. which is very rare. I feel my face suddenly looks more 'man wannabe woman' if I piled on too much liner. I have gaunt, strong features, heavy makeup will make me look 'garang'! And importantly, my hubby. He is the best commentator. He gives me man eye point of view. An insight.... 

So, for you out there.. who was like me.... searching for simple, natural makeup that brings out YOUR best ... do try our services. I do listen to what you want, I will give you my input to what looks better for you... and we can discuss it. Don't be shy... voice out what you like, don't like. Visit us on FB page.... ask me anything. I love talking about beauty.

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