Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Best Lip Gloss brand, high end and mid range.

 Lip gloss... another magical transformation from drab to dewy, youthful sexy lips effortlessly achieved by using it, either on top of lipstick or on its own.

Lipgloss comes in clear gel-like or, with sheer colors. Some with shimmers, or huge glitters.
The one thing I hate sometimes, is the leak if store horizontally. So, to avoid that, please store gloss vertically/upright. The mess is a pain to cleanup.

Another thing about gloss is.... quality isn't compromised by price range. Beautiful result can be achieved with mid range price brands. And pricier ones, although may come in better looking packaging...the actual product is equally same in terms of final application result with its mid range buddies.

So my favourite choice is....


My mid range fav lipgloss is


If you guys haven't tried KATE, you should give it a shot. I am in love with the peach colored one. More info, in my next entry for KATE Makeup Workshop in Pavilion recently.

And what is your favourite gloss? C'mon and share with me.

See how battered my CHANEL gloss is.... kesian dia. 

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