Wednesday, May 8, 2013

FaceTips by lin Elier : Skin/Face preparation tips before your wedding day

Generally I would recommend you find a well recommended spa by good friends or family or reputable experienced beautician (NOT well known ya, becoz not ALL luxury spa will yield the result. Trust me, this comes with my own experience)

And book your self into a routine of 2x a month for at least 2 month before, depending on your skin condition. If you have major acne or congested skin, please start earlier.

Start with a good deep cleansing treatments, extraction and what not, to clear up your skin.

It is important to note that, a good natural makeup looks best on a good healthy skin base. Because more amount of makeup will be used to cover up imperfections, if you do not have a good base and will result in a heavy makeup.

So, key of natural looking makeup actually, a GOOD SKIN ! So, invest in your face before investing in make ups.

A week or 2-3 days before wedding, have a good hydrating/firming treatment that is VOID of any extractions. Extraction within a week may not have ample time to heal, before your wedding day.

Avoid micro dermabrasion done to near to your wedding day. Start 3 weeks before, to allow skin to recuperate. Freshly microdermabrasion treated skin may not adhere well to makeup.

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