Thursday, May 9, 2013

FaceTips by Lin Elier : A NASTY PIMPLE on my face AND my wedding day is coming soon!

You generally have a good complexion


A huge ZIT or pimple decides to pay your forehead a visit. Now??!!

This is normal, but what you can do is pay a visit to you're trusted beautician to handle it.

OR, if you got 24 hours to spare....

Here is a home remedy, suggested by Ole Hendriksen Spa (skin care guru, esthetician and Spa Owner)

The best way to reduce inflammation is with warm compress applied directly on pimple area. Gently press with a piece of soft cotton and hold firmly in place, don't rub or glide it on the blemish.
repeat 2-3 times. Now wrap a supersoft tissue around the each index finger and begin to gently press the outer perimeters of the pimples.

Press upwards while gently removing the and let go, repeat until you see a little blood, which indicates all the infection has been removed. When you're done, drench a small piece of cotton with antiseptic, disinfectant or alcohol and press on the pimple. repeat again an hour later.

NO MAKEUP, concealer or cream should be applied on the spot for at least 8 hours!

Exfoliants should be avoided for several days afterwards.

* Make sure hands are clean or sanitized before doing this.

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