Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Skincare Review - Dr. Wu and Goodskin Labs

I am forever in search of good skin care....
In school I was plagued with acne, oily skin, skin care that didn't suit my skin....

Now, in my 30's.... i have dehydrated skin, pock marks... milia and premature fine lines under my eyes.

I have a habit of changing my skin care every year. I have tried from Estee Lauder, Origins, Bella, Johnsons & Johnson, Clean N Clear, Simple, Citra Ayu, Sari Ayu, SwissCell, Lancome, Phytomer, local sabon dr betik la, manggis la, susu kambing la.....

Mmg my skin is very unpredictable.... It can be so nice, that I no longer need to wear foundation...Then it turns around to looking absolutely uneven, acne here and there... dry patches.... sigh

So, now it is behaving badly....

I was looking high and low for salvation..... SASA was having their SALE, and so I was recommended by the SA to try out DR. WU Hydrating System and Goodskin labs serum.

I am very pleased with the result actually.

So, if you hate the dryness sensation after washing your wash, do try out Dr. Wu Hydrating Gel Cleanser with Aqua Collagen. You get the clean feel, but not the itchiness nor tightness. Good product!

Next is the Smooth 365 from Goodskin Labs, Intensive Clarity and Smoothing Peptide serum.

Worn after cleaning your face but before moisturizer, this serum instantaneously gives your skin clarity, as in even looking skin. It is not oily. Gives you a smooth sensation. Love it

 So, if you see me in person... tell me you secret of good skincare ya! Let's share together.

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