Thursday, February 14, 2013

My makeup GURU, Rose JR, Emma Mustaffa, Saidatulnisa Aminuddin & Red Glow Academy

 I do not think a million thank you's would suffice to show how much I am grateful to have these wonderful, talented and kind hearted people as my guru.

Rose JR
Emma Mustaffa
Saidatulnisa Aminuddin
Redglow Academy (Arlina Rosli & Najwa)

Not only they have shown me makeup tricks and skill, but the know how around the industry too. Their guidance and support has helped me a lot to grow in the makeup artist industry.

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, lin doakan kesejahteraan dan murah rezeki Allah to all of you.

Lin Elier

The ever dedicated and beautiful, Rose JR

The famous yet humble and friendly, Saidatulnisa Aminuddin

The soft spoken and kind Emma Mustaffa

There's a lot of famous otai MUA here, spot them if u can!

The sweet and lovely,
Arlina Dato Rosli and Najwa of Redglow Academy

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