Saturday, July 14, 2012

Photoshoot experience for Majalah pengantin, karangkraf.

I was soooo lucky last week when I was invited by famous makeup artist, Emma Mustaffa to join him and other ‘otai’ MUAs for makeup job in Karangkraf, Shah Alam. It was for a bridal magazine called Pengantin.

There I was, excited as can be as I was whisked into the makeup room.. filled with beautiful models and racks of lovely bridal clothing. There was around 8 senior famous makeup artist like Baby Elle, Vee Muhamad, Nina, Dinie, Kak Mas… Kak Anne and more was busy giler doing up makeup and hair for the models.

Although these famous MUA were very senior (15 years in business).. they were very kind, jovial and super friendly. I was really, really happy around them… sikit pon tak sombong and sangat tak lokek ilmu. Baby Elle showed me few tricks and I was mesmerized!

It was very fast paced! Makeup, fitting, hair… off to the set and shoot.

Tukar baju… tukar rambot, tukar makeup!

It repeats about a few session…. I really tak perasan time flew soooo fast…

Dari pukol 10 to 1pm…. Rasa cepat gila!

Then, siap join pergi lunch sama2 lagi…. I am so blessed and rasa rendah diri sgt around them… I am only a junior, who is just starting out… and here I was around folks who has been in the business for 15 years and more….

I really have to thank Emma Mustaffa for allowing me to join him, introducing me around the elite members of Malaysian MUAs… and giving me so much tips and tricks too.

Thanks Emma, tak terbalas budi baik Emma pada Lin. Muaks!

Next I shall blog about my class experience with Emma Mustaffa!

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