Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mother of bride with natural makeup...for enegized and lifted look

U heard of a famous brow expert salon where their tagline is...

Beauty is young

Well, I beg to differ.... Beauty is at any age... as long as a woman cares and puts a lil bit of effort.
You can be 80 and still look hot, if you take care of yourself. We can be 20 and look aged and old if we don't care.

So here's an example of a 40 year old lady looking great on her daughter's wedding day with minimal makeup. she requested VERY light makeup.. tkot org kampong terkejot katanya... ;)

The before photo shown is already halfway thru the process... her skin imperfections has been concealed.
A lil bit of peach blush to give her extra glow as she has been tired from the lack of sleep.

Doesn't she look energized and lifted?

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