Friday, June 15, 2012

Special Giveaway for my dear clients and FB Fans… limited to 3 pax only… (entry pass to MAC SALE 50% to 80% )

Salam my dearest clients and readers,

There are somedays when you feel like the only thing that lifts up your mood is retail theraphy…
As for me, shopping for makeup (or shoes) does wonder to my mood! It makes me very happy, that only a makeup lover would understand… It is somewhat like in the movie called, Confessions Of a Shopaholic… well in this case I wud call it… Beauty Junkie Paradise… hahaha…. (rasa mcm nak tulis buku pulak)

Well, I would like to share with my dear clients and FB fans to a world of makeup on CRAZY sale… I know shopping makeup is not very cheap retail theraphy, so here is my token of appreciation for those who loves shopping for makeup, but at a fraction of the price.

WE are talking ALL items at 50% to 80% discount on MAC Cosmetics. E.g : lipstick ar RM20 instead of RM60…. Mineralize eyeshadows at RM25++ and brushes, and blushers, and eyeliners, holiday gift sets, gloss….foundation and more.

This MAC Sale is exclusively brought to you by MAC and fellow Malaysian Makeup Artist, MK. As a show of appreciation towards our local MUA using MAC original products, we are given special invitation to join exclusive MAC SALE this 27th June in Cititel, Midvalley.

If you are interested, pls head on to my FB page (check side bar or
Leave a comment that you would like to join or PM me. That’s it. No strings attached, no slogans.

Do take note, this sale does attract a LOT of crowd, so…
11)    Go early….. seriously… The line gets mad by lunch hour.
22) Make sure you have sufficient credit card limit…. Budget itu la, ini la… sure over punya bila tgk barang murahhh giler. (TRUST ME)
33) Enjoy yourself….. no regrets punya going there… I had a BLAST!

Thank you for your support, love from…
Lin Elier

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