Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Alternative to Not wearing fake lashes... try fibre+mascara

Here's a sample look without using any fake lashes
Arabian makeup

Hi dearies,
Lately I noticed a lot of my customers prefers not to wear fake lashes during their wedding. Wearing fakelashes does gives a whole lot of difference and gives you better definition especially during photography, but it may not be comfortable for some people.
Therefore, I gladly introduce fiber mascara for my client as an alternative to not wearing fake lashes. Mine is from Shizen, a product from Korea. 
It builds and lengthens your lashes unbelievably with juz a few coats of the fibre and normal mascara. You can use pharmacy sold brand or even high end ones like LANCOME too. 
my normal lashes with
 no mascara

How good is it? I'll let you decide with the pics below.....

with fibre mascara
n MAC Opulash

fiber mascara
Ignore my face yg sememeh, focus on the lashes difference
in volume and length
 Amazing right?

It is not cheap though.... Almost rm200 per small bottle..... It is much cost effective to wear a fake lashes.
But the result is stunning and worth the money paid. And also the comfort... it is like your normal lashes....

You know how arabian makeup is usually over the top and requires thick fake lashes?

Well, here's how I do it without the need to wear ANY fake lashes...
Juz the fiber and normal drugstore mascara will do....

Arabian makeup that not too strong.

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