Friday, April 6, 2012

Makeup for going casting AND Tips going for casting, what to expect

salam readers,

If you happen to get a chance to go for casting, mainly for advertisement... do go with natural makeup. Because the casting director would want to see you without heavy makeups. They would encourage you not to wear revealing clothes, heavy makeup and no big spidery fake lashes.

They want to see the REAL you.

If they choose you for the final cut, then they will have a designated makeup artist to do everything the director wants.

So keep the makeup light, using peach tones to give you healthy glow.


Learn to introduce your self. Remember key points and keep it simple.
Name, age, height, weight, hobby, previous TV/ADV engagement.

Practise your smile.... stand in front of d mirror and know your best pose....
Choose about 1-3 pose. Remember that pose.

They will have basic pose where they will take pics of frontal, side profile and 360 degrees turn. Then free style pose.

If you get shortlisted, here's what will happen....


Then, they will have simple script and prop for the actual casting. You'll be given few minutes to memorize.
Then camera will roll.
Dun worry, it happen in segmented scenes. So in between takes, you will have chance to memorize the current scene.

Remember to take body measurements, and your outfit sizes. They will take down these details.

Check the shoot date. ARE U AVAILABLE?

Remember, casting is suppose to be free. They are suppose to pay you(if you get the job) ...not the other way around. You get chosen, they get paid and you get paid.

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