Friday, April 6, 2012

Aniqah - Makeup for Day Event, Corporate

 Salam Readers,

First of all thank you Aniqah for hiring me. It was a pleasure meeting you and thank you so much for your kind hospitality extended to me. I really love your house!

Aniqah is a fan of smokey look and loves makeup too. I think she has lovely eyes and smokey look would look perfect on her. In fact, I'd look forward to do deep purplish smokey look for her. However, her event is more of a corporate presentation rather than a glitz party, therefore I gave her a more of polished, but still natural look. As usual, I forgot to take her 'before' photo. alahaiiii....

Aniqah had a warm to medium tan skintone, so I even it out with Kryolan FS36, Derma D5 and finished it with FS38. Dusted with Bobbi Brown loose powder, final powder with Lancome Maqui Miracle. She has sweat prone area on her nose and upper lips. I dusted the area with Kryolan's Anti Shine powder lightly.

Her eyes are combination of dark browns and lavender.Colors has been toned down as this is a day event and also soft colors will make you look younger (depends on application). She is wearing medium falsies, which looks very sultry but not too over the top.

Her tudong has cool lavender AND warm orange. So i decided to match lavender to her eyeshadow colors and peach orange lips to match the other color on her hijab.

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