Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dinner Makeup - Fauzian (Theme : Pirate Cun)

Hi Folks.... Lama tak dengar berita kan...

Here's one of my latest work.. last night at Sime Darby Convention Centre. I was very happy when Fauzian, one of my repeat clients called me to assist her for her company's department dinner. Because we had ample time and wasn't in a rush, I had lovely time chatting with her about makeup and tips. I hope she enjoyed the session as much as I did. The last time we met (picture in her orange hijab) she was heavily pregnant... now her baby boy is 5 month old dah.... How time flies....

First of all, I'm using my SIL's lappy to upload and edit this entry.... I hope the pics turns out well. I had to edit the pictures using picasa to cover up Fauzian's in progress photo, where she's wearing the pink headband. I thought she looked really HOT in that picture. And i FORGOT to snapped the 'before' pic... so I recycled the old one sajalah... the one she's wearing orange hijab.

Anyways, as I was editing... I realized how my foundation technique has improved tremendously... You can see it in the photo how the one in black tudong, looks much more radiant and naturally contoured. The old technique, in the orange outfit... looks less dimensional.

I have to thanks my makeup teacher, Rose JR and MAC's Syahidah Rahman for giving me great tips and tricks, which I felt has improved my foundation application much better. Thanks you so much guys, I appreciate your kind guidance!

So, for Fauzian's case, she has combination skin.... which tends to make the makeup slip of easily. Therefore, I use more MAC's Prep & Prime and less Strobe cream. MAC's Hydrating Strobe cream is used primarily in the forehead and cheek area to give her a natural glow and instant high cheek bone. I didn't use liquid foundation as I think it would easily transfer off when she sweats. Therefore i opt for semi matte cream beased foundation.

Instead of using foundation that is similar to her skin tone, I used 2 tones darker for contouring(Derma D5), and 1 tone darker for the rest (Derma D4.5). And Derma 4 which is her natural skin tone, for highlight..... I felt it give her a natural, healthy glow and nicer define features.... I love her nose as it looks so naturally sharp.

Then, her lipstick is from LANCOME, code 390... a nice pinkish orange..... The eyes are from MAC's Evil Eye collection plus mineralized Rare Find. I tried using MAC pigments... but I find it looks great real life, but not on photo... The reflective particles stands out like nobody business.... hahaha.

Lastly, thank you again Fauzian for choosing me. It was utmost pleasure meeting you again.

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