Sunday, February 12, 2012

Best value for money eye makeup remover

I use makeup most of d days. It makes me feel complete. And to ensure long lasting makeup, I use waterproof products.
In the end of the day... Removing it is a chore... Having d right remover can really make a difference, esp the eye area. If you're the type that wears smokey or gothic makeup thru out d day...u know removing all those black grime takes a toll on ur sensitive eye area.

Using cheap drugstore eye makeup remover isn't all bad if u rarely wear makeup everyday. But, if u do.... The repetitive swiping motion can really irritate the skin and eye.
So, using a good brand like Christian dior is definitely d best, as one swipe can take off any black smokey gunk a la avril lavigne. But imagine using it everyday. An expensive bottle may not last long at all.

So, a value for money choice for me would be Mary Kay eye makeup remover. At rm60 per bottle, 110ml...the product is amazingly gentle on ur eyes. Removing power is almost as good as high end brands too.
I have sensitive eyes, n I wear contact lenses, so whenever I use drugstore brands, I end up with red eyes...panda like effect under my eyes. Basically looking mcm org gila.

So... I discover Mary Kay product doesn't give me this after effect at all. Do try if you wear waterproof makeup everyday, and looking for a good eye makeup remover that is affordable.
Bdw, I have few extras if you want to try at good price, contact me.

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