Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Simple Office Makeup Tutorial - Get Ready within 15minutes!

Hello folks...!

This video was made long time ago... like few month dah terperap, marinating in my hard drive. Pardon the audio and video quality but I do hope that you can learn a tip or two on how to get ready to the office, looking amazingly groomed in less than 15minutes. Looking good doesn't mean you need 1-2 hours to get ready.... you just need the right tools and technique. And also, office makeup requires long lasting, or long perfomance cosmetics. Look for those keywords in a product especially when choosing the powder/foundation, lipstick and blusher.

Here's how to cut down time when you're in a rush..
1. Use 2 way cake powder foundation.
2. Use quad eyeshadow collection that is in neutral warm colors.

Here's how to get your makeup to last from 7am to 7pm..
1. Use products that promises : lasting performance...full coverage...crease free.
2. Use waterproof products.
3. You can also use fixing spray. but using that everyday can dry out your skin! So save that for special days.
4. Lock the crayon eyeliners with similar eyeshadows over it.
5. Prep your skin with good moisturizer and sunblock too.
6. No makeup can last that long without touchups, actually. So prolong it with the above tips AND carry spare lip balm, powder in your handbag for touchup.