Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hobby and Passion to Certified Professional

Thanks to a lot of people, I have made my passion for makeup, beauty into a business that I love. But to make sure I had the right appraoch, I made sure I was not  only equipt with determination but, with skills as well. I took advance professional makeup class at our local academy in Shah Alam. And now, I am goin to add on another certificate very soon. Disember is going to be a busy one.... The new class I am going to is a MAC Pro trained makeup artist. Can't wait for it.....


  1. tahniah linda...insya allah dengan ilmu..bisnes boleh berkembang maju..amin..:)

  2. Thanks Ada... Insyallah... Berkat doa and support family and kawan2 tak dilupakan...