Thursday, November 17, 2011

Evelyn Lauder dies at 75 of ovarian cancer

I know this is a beauty blog, but just sharing news which i felt is related.
Evelyn Lauder, daughter in law of Estee Lauder has passed away due to ovarian cancer.
Read more in New York Times page.

Evelyn Lauder (1936-2011)

Here is a quote from Estee Lauder herself, for all those brides to be :

"Beauty is an attitude. There's no secret. Why are all brides beautiful? Because on their wedding day they care about how they look. There are no ugly women – only women who don't care or who don't believe they're attractive."


  1. linda..kami share quote utk bride to be tu dlm fb kami..:)..mintak izin..:)

  2. Ada, prob... sharing is caring.