Sunday, July 24, 2011

Aida of Taman Setia, Gombak , Groom's Reception (3rd session)

Folks, I must be getting old..... I juz keep on forgetting to take the completed after photo. Again, as u can see above, I only have Aida's photo without the final touch.... the lipstick. I could've kicked my self! Today, Aida i s wearing a soft green +silver'ish kebaya (i think it is modern songket).
So, of course I wouldn't give her an all green matching eyeshadows, that would be soo non flattering.  So, we kept the safe earth tones going, except that the highlight colors are soft green shadows from LANCOME. Sayang tak pakai falsies, otherwise lagi cun! But I respect her decision, at least she was willing to give it a try sekejap (notice her right eye before pic, eyes look larger)

I hope there's better pic from their official photog. She looks beautiful real life!

But, it sure REALLY made my day when Aida gave me her special hand made wedding invitation card as a momento and her mom, gave me the wedding table ornaments! hand made! Read the tribute entry here.

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