Wednesday, June 1, 2011

3 versatile LOOK, from natural day to night glam ( without falsies, with falsies, with falsies & heavy make up)

Natural make up, thin winged liner
 Sometimes it is simple to take a natural make up and upgrade it into a more define make up that is fit for glam dinner. All we need to do is fix a pair of falsies (i like adding them to the outer corner of my eyes, so I dun look too made up dolly look. And subtle transformation is always nicer .. in my opinion)

Then, you need a darker shade of eyeshadow, black shadow is not really scary... blend it well and you can get away without looking to gothic.
Natural look, added with falsies at outer corner only
 The falsies doesn't show here in the above pic that much, but i can assure you it looks really sultry and elegantly sexy in real life
Upgrade natural look to dinner glam make up with black eye shadows on top of the original natural make up
Here after a dash of black shadows... I'm ready for a night out glam! Notice the subtle difference? Top pic is  brown MAC eyeshadow with golden highlights. Below pic, is blended with Mary Kay's Coal black eyeshadow. This also look quite heavy in real life.... but the flash from my camera bleaches out the eyeshadow colors.

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