Monday, May 30, 2011

Falsies, fake eyelash, bulu mata palsu

Single layer vogue lashes
1st time wearing a full set fake eyelash can be uncomfortable.. sumtimes.... it makes this sensation like you can't open your eyes, rasa berat jer.... but after a while, you'll forget you're wearing it. But... then you look yourself in the mirror... mak aihhh! Tebalnya bulu mata aku!!!

Looks great in the photos... but may look a tad overdone in life...

2 layer vogue lashes

Did you know Kris Dayanti wears more than 4 layers of falsies in shows??

So, i was experimenting with falsies lately, i cut them into few segments, and place them at the outer corners of my eyes only..... the result?

cut falsies place at outer corner of my eyes
Very natural, yet sexy sultry eyes... most importantly... very comfy.. tak rasa cam pakai falsies pon. I use black colored eyelash glue Fix from Japan. Who knows better about falsies than the japanese ladies, right?

More pictures in another post yea.... take care u ols. Happy experimenting

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