Monday, April 25, 2011

Salon Review : SKIN AFFAIRS Kota Damansara (via MilkaDeal)

Independent review. Personal view, experience may vary. Subject to own individual preference and pain tolerance.

Thanks to MilkADeal recently.... I only had to pay RM58 for a RM376 worth of facial which includes Gold Facial + Waxing + Neck & Eye Treatment for 2.5 HOURS. I had a pleasant facial experience there, price is affordable and yes, I would definitely go there again for facials... however, on the con side.... as this is a small independent salon (non franchise giants like BELLA or CRES)... their setup and ambiance is minimal. It means that you are not paying for the luxurious zen or Bali style decor.... if you do not mind these exterior factor (no doors, just thick curtains for the treatment rooms, which means the rooms are not sound proof, you can hear people walking by, talking .... non spacious room, no decor in the treatment room) then you may like to try it out at Skin Affairs. As for me, I'm the type that expects total tranquility the moment I step into the treatment room. However, for the price they offer, I do not mind going there again. Perhaps I bring my own ear muffs.

Firstly... most important... service. They do not seem to have any beauty consultants, only the beautician. Hence, there is no worries of pushy, twist your arms into signing up package. I like that. If you are familiar with typical giant beauty salon which employs so called beauty consultants to brain wash you into swiping your credit cards (read this blog for good example of which salon to stay away from )

So, next.. the beauticians does their work.... polite, not chatting up for you to buy extra ampules, sessions... They do their job, the extraction is tolerable.... Do take note my pain threshold is high for beauty sake. What I regards as not painful, may be 'sakit gilos siol!' to you. I, mean which extraction isn't painful? Is either excruciating or tolerable pain.... 

Their price range for maintenance facial (basic) is RM68 to RM120 ... mid range (hydrating, collagen etc) is RM120-RM220 ... and high end (facial reshape etc) is RM300-RM450. Reasonable for me. Their package is also attractive... Buy 3 free 1, buy 6 free 3 .... special Rate for maintenance facial during mon-fri, off peak hours.... Most salons, package in terms of 10 or 20 sessions.... This is definitely value for money package. 

I had a Black Gold facial package. Becoz I had congested pores and all. It did left a firm feeling after one day, nice to touch feeling. As for the eye treatment, I was given a thermal eye mask for blood circulation. I wasn't use to heated mask before. but the result is still good. They gave me a whitening mask for my neck. I didn't like to cold massage cream tho.... I preferred Bella's and CRES style facial massage gel and technique better. We're talking like instance bliss the moment the beautician place their magical hands on yr face. Nonetheless, I could tolerate their cold massage cream ... maybe takes a lil bit of gettin use. 

Next, I had my inaugural waxing session at a salon. I wanted to try the bikini wax... but i chickened out. Went for underarm waxing instead. Berdebar giler weih! Take note, you need to keep the hair panjang a bit for the waxing to 'jadi'... pendek kontot camaner the wax nak lekat. So, I kept my hairs for 2 weeks.... it drove me NUTS!!! sangat rimas OK! 

The result of waxing my underarm was amazing.... ko bayangkan... getting compliments from your hubby.... It was the most unexpected comment I got from hubby. He thought my underarms looks much nicer. Weird. muka dia tak komen... ketiak pulak dia perasan plak. heran herann....

Location... Skin Affairs in is The Strand, Kota Damansara. In the weekends, the parking .. ample. I think if u go on a weekday, it may be a tad susah.

What else.... so, I had a rather good experience there. I hope you guys will too.

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