Monday, April 25, 2011

Office Make Up Tips (Super Simple & Normal Basic)

 ZA in Brown, Mary  Kay Tinted Lip Balm in Rose & Cheek Glaze   

 Super Simple Make Up For Those Who :

1. Have beautiful flawless skin
2. Do not like putting tonnes of make up feeling on their skin
3. Likes simple dewy look
4. Has only 5 minutes to spare in the morning

So, for those who are blessed with beautiful, flawless skin... why hide it underneath layers of foundation and powders? If u have good skin, flaunt it! Let your natural radiance shine! It is also good for those for constantly have make up long hours to give their face a break or timeout for breathing.... Once in a while, why not go au naturale.... Trust me, your skin will thank you for it. This type of simple make up is also good if you are late for work, and yet do not want to come in to work looking like ' muka nak mintak MC" ... Deathly Cullen white skin is never pretty....
So what do you need?

1. A good tinted moisturizer + sunblock or SPF. Becoz as far as I know, offices has the most killer air-conditioning system... it dries out your skin and gives bonus line and wrinkles too. On top of that, u'll be going out for lunch and nowdays, I think everybody should have sunblock on.  I use Bella's SPF 30 Sunblock.

2. A gel cheek glaze or cream to powder cheek/eyes with lively brown/coral colors. This is inject instant lively radiance or give you natural healthy look. The best I've found are from Mary Kay limited edition Cheek Glaze in Tangerine RM40(for dewy look) or ZA Transpowder Cheek Eyes in Brown (for those who prefer soft matte effect) Here's the sample swatches of the colors I've mentioned (without flash) . As you can see, it mimics the soft flush/blush you get after working out. Left is ZA, Right is MK's Cheek Glaze.

 3. Next, is of course a lil bit of tinted lip balm with SPF. I just love tinted lip balm. It gives you instant lift, and protects your lips too. I always keep them in my handbag for touch ups, after breakfast, after lunch..atfter teatime... :P ... I love the compactness of Mary Kay's Tinted Lip Balm with SPF... it fits into your pockets and even my lady purse. And have you seen their colors? They're so natural! Mary Kay has done a beautiful job injecting a la Bobbi Brown elegant natural colors into their make up portfolio.

Estee Lauder & Lancome Quad Eye Shadow     

 Normal Rush Hour Office Make Up in 10 mins to max 15 minutes for those who:

1. Likes full on make up and tip top finished look
2. Doesn't have even skin and feels the need and help of foundation coverage.
3. Likes quick make up under 10 minutes and take the guess work out

Now, for those who are like me... I have a face of a unfinished sketch.... it needs a lil bit dash of colors and few definition here and there to look ... like a done portrait . So, for everyday make up to the office, I like to keep it simple, quick but still look nice. Here are some of my short cuts and tips :

I find using compact or 2 way cake that offers full coverage, long staying performance and has matte effect with also added SPF cuts the blending time to minimal.Find the ones that doesn't clog your skin and offer good stuff for your skin (imagine you'll be wearing these at least 8-12hours per day) Instead of using liquid foundation and finish it with  loose powder, I prefer using these babies for every day work (when I was working la) :
1. Stage Photo PRO with SPF 25 - cheap & good
2. My new fav LANCOME Maqui Miracle with SPF 35

Clinique is also as good, but lately I am not too impressed with their color tone.

You can use concealers before applying the two way cake, if you have major scars.... juz make sure it matches your compact. Else, the patches might show.

You really do not want to spend time thinking about coordinating which eye shadow colors to match your outfit. And I do not find office time isn't really the time to experiment with crazy eye colors UNLESS you have cool working environment that do not mind a lil bit of 'excitement' in the office. ELSE, stick with neutral, earth colors that is corporate looking. Save the glitters for after office hours. I like choosing quad colors eye shadows that compliment each other no matter how u wear it. Socket look or layered look. I love eyeshadow that gives a darker shade for lining or intensifying your look. So, you can easily play up or down with the same colors just by adding the defining dark colors on top. I usually skip liquid eyeliner and use pencil instead. Sometimes I skip all together and use volume mascara instead. I alternate my expensive mascara with cheaper ones like from Maybelline. The Magnum Volume Express mascara from Maybelline does offer value for money and gives great lush eyelash effect. For me at least.
I actually have a video ready, but I'm having trouble to upload on YouTube since last week. Apa nak buat... simpan buat pekasam la nampaknya..... :(
I hope you find this entry helpful... enjoy reading my blog. Stay tune as I will do a review on my latest trip to a salon last week in Kota Damansara.

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