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How to get my look? Read on more.

Salam & Good day my dear readers,

A very special entry for you this time, as I have something for ALL of you who reads my blog. ;-)

Read all the way, then head on to the sponsors site later for Raya shopping.

Thank you
Who doesn't LOVE shopping online? 

I am soo happy that nowdays a lot of business are now opening up to virtual shopping. From clothes, shoes and now recently reputable hypermarket is now offering on-line groceries shopping, having it delivered to your doorstep.

Isn't that just so convenient? No need to drive around braving out traffic jams, circling for parking anymore. 

shopping glasses online
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Malaysia is finally catching up with on-line shopping, phewww!

As I myself, sometimes prefer shopping at the comfort of my own home, minus all the hassle of going out on lazy hazy (!) days.

Look what I got in the package today!!!
So, when I had the opportunity of shopping on-line at Glasses Online Malaysia which happens to be the
1st online eyewear store in Malaysia, I was super excited!

Trying out these soon!

And the after result?

The best way to dress up your eyes, whenever you have got fairly simple makeup on is to use colored lenses. For us Asian, warm tones such as hazel, light brown will work nicely. 
If you are feeling bold, why not try out olive green, or gray instead. Here is me, yours truly...presentable only neck up in this photo :-P

Now, be prepared to be glued to your u oogle at latest designer wears, from top brands such as Tom Ford, Micheal Kors, Giorgio Armani, Ray Ban and many more.

The beauty of it, apart from shopping from my bed... happens to be the competitive price!

shopping glasses online

Baca lagi babe, camaner nak dapat voucher shopping ni!

Trust me, I know glasses and lenses pricing as I started wearing them from standard 3, ESPECIALLY if you have astigmatism and high power. Sometimes the lenses costs more than the frame itself. And you gotta calculate the salesperson commissions, store markup, upah itu ini... my God, mmg mahal lah, basically.

But no choice kan? And being totally dependent on glasses, am sure some of us invest in spare glasses too.

So, try browing for and  check out the pricing your self. You will find pricing for frames that includes top quality plastic lenses at a VERY great price.You can decide if you would like to add frills like high index option for thinner lenses, toric etc IF you need it.
You decide what you want.

So how do we do it?

Step ONE : Go get your prescription information from your eye doctor. It will contain information that will will help you order you lenses later, such as SPH, CYL, AX, BC .

shop glasses onlineStep TWO : Browse Glasses Online Malaysia through seas of affordable contact lenses, glasses, sunglasses of your choice.

Step THREE : Enter you details, delivery address and choose you payment method. You can pay via credit card OR even choose Cash On Delivery!

OK, i know some of you may already thinking,

"Risky or not? buying online like this?"

Well, have a peace of mind that Glasses Online Malaysia is a reputable business that can afford to offer you:


and I would like to add safe transaction too & fast delivery via reliable courier guys too.

So, I know some of you may buy contact lenses through Facebook and may experience some problems with refunds, delivery, customer service... So why not, shop safely, quickly at reputable sites like Glasses Online Store instead.


Best part for dear readers of courtesy of Glasses Online Malaysia . Thank you Glasses Online Malaysia!

VOUCHERS for you gals to shop around at ! Hari Raya is coming, so why not shade your eyes in style, or dress up your EYES with contact lenses! Enter code below  in the voucher, upon checkout, which is ------> GOlinnaturalbeauty20

Happy shopping!

glasses online vouchers
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