Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Shuhada Diamond Night 2013, natural Evening makeup without fake lashes or eyebrow trim

Congrats to Shuhada for her achievements, awarded recently during PB Diamond Night 2013.

She has been my long time client and friend too. And for tonight's makeup, she specifically asked for no fake lashes and no eye brow trimmings. Makeup was to be as natural as possible but still gorgeous.

Therefore, her eyebrows was smoothed down with concealer+surgical adhesive to give it a clean look as IF she had her brows done. Eyeshadows were kept minimal and lips naturally glossy colors by DIOR Addict.

Thank you so much for your steadfast support my dear, and I hope you like the makeup.

Ohh! And I had a very pleasant surprise when she presented me with a KATE SPADE makeup bag!!

How shocked I was! Thanks so much Ada!

Semoga Allah murahkan rezeki anda sekeluarga.

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