Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hafiza's Wedding Reception, Natural Day Reception makeup, Lasting Performance

Salam dearies,
I know a lot of you would love to look naturally flawless, minus the thick eye makeup on your wedding day. I appreciate the natural look too, but in todays current weather, light makeup may not last even 2 hours outside. 

Here's an example of natural day reception makeup that looks natural in life and in pic too. Although it looks natural, this makeup is done to over blemish and last at least 4 hours in hot, humid outdoor reception (no aircond). 

Long lasting makeup sometimes looks way to matte, cakey and powdery, but Hafiza's skin pictured here is dewy and looks glowingly natural... like normal skin.

Hafiza is my previous client, you may remember her beautiful emerald outfit, which I had the chance to do her engagement makeup.

I am honoured and very grateful that Hafiza wanted to work with me again for her husband's side reception in Arau, Perlis. I was absolutely delighted to have a chance to do her makeup again. Thank you very much Hafiza for your trust. I hope you are satisfied with the result. 
Here is the official photographer's link of her outdoor photoshoot done in the peaceful quaint state of Perlis. 

Meanwhile this below pics, is from my Nikon... I really liked the photographer's style where they didn't photoshop the pictures to make it look perfect. The brides portrait from their work and my picture looks the same. 

High pigmented foundation from Dermacolor is used to cover blemishes and give lasting performance throughout the day. NARS foundation is layered on top of Dermacolor to give is a natural skin look that is dewy and not too matte. Her glowing cheeks are from Laura Mercier Star Dust Powder. 
Hafiza's nose and cheeks is softly contoured in order to give her a natural sharper feature.

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