Saturday, September 8, 2012

Why does natural makeup takes more effort and is more expansive?

Salam Dearies,

A lot of people seem to think that lovely natural makeup is easy to do, uses less product hence should be cheaper.

This deduction is far from the truth, as I believe beautiful natural makeup is harder to achieve, requires more effort and is definitely more expansive.

Here are the reason:

1. Beautiful natural makeup is harder to achieve because it takes a lot of effort to make people look like they don't have a lot on their face, and yet still look they have flawless skin, with fantastic features that is natural. 

You see, slapping on layers and layers of makeup does hide your eyebag, bruise and blemish, and super easy but it also looks like you got a death mask on. Senang pulak tu, tempek ajer. But the result.....

So, ensuring all imperfections are hide yet still giving a show of healthy skin takes a lot of blending, contouring and art. 

Getting that perfect flawless, healthy & radiant base is the foundation of natural makeup. Most of the part is the prepping with good serum, moisturizers and concealers. A good clean slate of well moisturized skin is the key of makeing your makeup last longe and look absolutely radiant.

Do note that, all the base/primer/moisturizers is still used whether it is natural or dramatic makeup. 

Natural makeup does not mean you cut down the key foundation of a good, long lasting makeup which is primers or makeup base.

My moisturizers are from Origins, Lancome and Peter Thomas Roth. Only the best are used for my client to ensure zero allergy reaction, comfort and lasting results.

2. Natural makeup does not equate with the word cheap. Not is my book.

If we were to straight talk about the products, the queen of natural makeup brand Bobbi Brown is definitely NOT cheap. Their colors has very small hints of shimmer to keep the eyeshadows very natural. You see the bigger the shimmer, the more disco ish you will look....
The finer the shimmer, the more expansive the product will be.

shimmer size

The colors must also be very well pigmented. Why?
Well pigmented means it gives you vibrant color with less quantity of product. 
So, less amount of eyeshadow product used here, more natural makeup will be.

Imagine if you use a poor pigmented brand over the pharmacy means you need to korek and apply thicker strips of colors, resulting in very heavy looking makeup. If you use high end brands like Chanel, Bobbi and Estee, a wash of colors is all you need with proper blending.
One eyeshadow is about RM80 bucks.

So, no just because it is natural makeup, simple.. it doesnt mean it is cheaper nor easier.

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