Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Fashion and Beauty Inspiration

I must admit... beauty comes from within.

But the final projection of what we actually see is also equally important. Any natural human being would have an initial judgement with what they see first. 

You walk in in shambles, already points are being deducted. 
You waltz in like Gisele Bunchen... hmmm, that's a sure bet that people are thinking ...who is she?! (in awe)

Beauty inspires people. It makes jaws drop, drool and invokes other bodily fluids you don't wanna know.

I have many beauty and fashion inspiration:

Kylie Minogue for showing people you don't have to be tall and lanky  to be noticed. 
Short is sexy...

Angeline Jolie for her icy cool, "i'm hot, and u know it" ways... 
Even Pamela Anderson looks boring sitting next to her.

Heck! She makes crazy, bad girls look beautiful!

Audrey Hepburn for natural beauty, and showed Hollywood you don't need to be blonde with pencil thin eyebrows to be a movie star.

But the lady who mesmerized me ever since I was a lil school girl...
Who really inspired me that beauty, is confidence...
Beauty doesn't need to have an expiry date....

Is our own local star, Sofea Jane. 

 Storming her way into showbiz with her daring debut movie which created a great hoo hah in Malaysia's film industry... with the unforgettable movie title, Perempuan, Isteri & ...

Beautiful at 40!
She looks fabulous at 40, did not wilt and wither into oblivion like other movie stars during her era, even gotten more beefy roles with gargantuan success rather than side cameos. She looks gorgeous without even trying.  
She is not decked in designer labels, dresses as she please with a touch of elegance.
I did hope that she had Michelle Yeoh's tenacity to break into Hollywood, but I'm pretty sure she could if she puts her mind to it. 

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