Saturday, July 14, 2012

2012 Bridal Trends, Natural Pengantin Makeup Malaysia

Makeup pengantin light, natural for nikah

Natural bridal makeup
Light glowng bridal makeup

I find a lot of customers are asking for light natural makeup. 2012 bridal trends seems to ditch heavy opera’ish makeup with spidery false lashes. Brides are now looking to enhance their beauty without hiding underneath layers and layers of powders and heavily kohled eyes.

Another preference for most of my clients are… not wearing false lashes. This is fine, as I have fiber lashes approach for them… but it is more time consuming and expensive compared glueing a strip of fake lashes. Nonetheless, you will enjoy long lashes without the uncomfortable feeling of having an awning on your eye lids.

Anyways, here is my client in Banting recently, with 2012 natural wedding makeup look. I do not have her in complete bridal outfit, I hope she will tag me as soon as she has it, insyallah so I can share with you guys. She is absolutely lovely with natural makeup. 

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