Monday, May 21, 2012

Natural Makeup for Mother & Sister of Bride & My Experience meeting Saidatulnisa Aminuddin

Salam readers,
I would like to share with another makeup job, my second time with Baizura’s mom and sister Dira. Baizura was made up beautifully for her reception in Dewan Felda Perdana by the famous makeup artist Saidatulnisa Aminuddin, whilst I did the makeup for her sister and mother. The theme was lilac color.
Thank you so much Baizura, Dira and the kind hospitality extended to me especially by your sweet mother. I really enjoyed working with you gals. ;)
Enjoy the pics.

Gorgeous mom, lovely sis Dira, thank you
for being such a sport

Softm natural makeup for mother of bride

Natural makeup for sis of bride, bridesmaid

Kak Sai doing makeuo for Baizura

Me take ur photo!
i love candid photo of the mom and daughter moment!

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