Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Makeup For Mature Lady, best products to reduce wrinkle appearance

Salam my dear readers,
Putting the right makeup on mature skin can be quite a task, as the wrong product can accentuate wrinkles and further putting more aged look instead. 

The trick is using light reflective make up to bounce off light where you don’t want the wrinkle to show. The MAC Strobe cream is really good in doing so, by subtly giving glow and giving a smoother skin as a base. Next is using the MAC Mineralized Satinfinish liquid foundation giving the skin a healthy glow and less powdered look. Heavily powdered look can result in unnatural aged look. 

Keep it sheer and glowing, and use LANCOME Teint Miracle pen to magically erase wrinkle, eye bag, laugh lines. However the magic result is only prominent in flash photography, as you need the light flash effect to reflect the smooth look. Nonetheless, look pic below to see how a 58 years old lady is transformed to a healthy glowing youthful look by using the product mentioned above. Amazing! I do not have her before pic, I will update as soon as I see her in the next session.

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