Friday, March 16, 2012

Makeup for Sunburnt Skin Mission - (Special Entry For Ritha)

This entry is a special one.
This is because I owe an apology for my client, Ritha for not able to help her out with my makeup on her major concern which happens to be camouflaging her sunburnt skin.. Moments after these pics was taken, the foundation around her nose starting sliding off.

The reason is, Ritha had just came back from holiday and had sun burn. Apparently if you have sunburnt skin or just had a chemical peeling facial.... your makeup wont hold long as it had not much skin to hold on too.

So, unfortunately in this case.... all the methods did not seem to work. Her makeup, particularly around the nose had been re-done 3 times.I am very, very lucky as Ritha is a very understanding client and was very forgiving. Thank you Ritha.

Nonetheless, I would like to share with you some tips from my makeup sifu, Rose JR. I had the chance to ask her about Ritha's case, and according to her....

If you have sunburnt skin...and need to wear makeup, then SKIP the primer. Move on to BB cream instead. Use Kryolan TV Stick to cover up. Use with concise and slow movement so the foundation will cling on evenly on the BB cream. Then proceed as usual.

Well, lesson learnt. I hope some of you will gain useful tips from my experience.

Lastly, my sincere apologies to Ritha again.... I hope to give you a much, much better job next time. Pavlova or cheesecake on me, OK. ;)

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