Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Best Foundation For Asian?

I am one of those people not blessed with good skin.... remnance from teenage acne scars, pock marks, uneven skin, undereye dark circles.... u name it.

Which is why I feel not so 100% confident when I go out without at least an light foundation coverage. And finding the perfect foundation for asian skin like mine aint easy. You need to tweak it with darker foundation or bronzer to give it a healthy look. Else, if you like looking pale...well... what can I say.... every one has a preference.

I like mixing my foundation to get my perfect color match. Requires deft hands tho...
So, talking of brands.. I am not loyal.... I like trying out new stuff.... exploring...
Here's my experiment with Lancome Teint Miracle (very light)  + Mary Kay Foundation (dark)
Lancome latest liquid foundation has absolutely great coverage and natural feel. Your skit will look smooth and flawless! May that's why Kate Middleton wore it on her wedding day. The problem is, it oxides to a white grey cast... and that looks not good on tanned skin like ours. Their dark or medium dark still oxides to a whitish grey after a while.

Whilst Mary Kay liquid foundation offers better color tone for the dark skinned. The problem however, the coverage isn't that great. It doesn't offer any special reflective agents that make skin glows of look flawless.

So, when mixed these two... I was hoping to get the best of both worlds.... Well... see the result for your self below:


Before with nothing

With frontal flash on
Yes, in realife... it looks pretty good and healthy... as if I got glowing skin.. but careful with full frontal flash on... bcoz like any other foundation with corrective reflective ingredients .. it tends to look white. Nonetheless, I'd say the look is very fresh.. like you dun really feel the heavy makeup... the coverage is full but, you don't look powdered down like going to an Oscar party.... you get what I mean?

So, try mixing your foundation... you never know... you might get the best foundation for your self.... DIY

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