Monday, March 14, 2011

Make Over Ala Hana Tajima - with Mary Kay's product

Make over time wiv my sis in law, Juju in Kuantan. I didn't bring any of my make tools, so instead we tried products from Mary Kay's line. The foundation is really good for daily use, gives you great coverage & skin breathable consistency. I'm also in love with their new lipstick balm collection! Nice neutral colors, excellent for daily use. You know people usually do swatches on their arm... well, Juju gave me a great idea to catalogue the lipstick name & color reference. See below :      
Catalogue lipstick collection on paper
Lawa kan warna2 dia? My fav is SHELL (4th frm left)


  1. warna nombor 3 dari kanan tu mcm best jeee

  2. ha'ah kan.. shell pun cantek.. apple berry n toffee pun cantek..

  3. hah..tu dia..insyaAllah bulan 4 ni deh? :-)

  4. Kaler- kaler ni mmg sweet, earth tones ala ala Bobbi Brown.... kalo minat nak beli, habaq mai.

    Insyallah! Looking forward to meet u lah, lama sunggoh tak jumpa